Steamboat Springs Middle School Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision: Every student will be a confident and capable learner, inspired to explore the world and contribute to it with integrity. Mission: Steamboat Springs Middle School nurtures and educates all children to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Through positive relationships, we create an inclusive environment where students thrive. Together with our community, we approach every student in terms of what is possible. Core Values: We CARE Curiosity We take an interest in experience for its own sake. We find new knowledge fascinating, even if we find the learning to be challenging. Relationships are the heart of our work, so we seek to understand before we draw conclusions. We believe that thoughtful questions unlock powerful discoveries. Awareness We regulate what we feel and do. We are self-disciplined and aware of the motives and feelings of other people and ourselves. We empathize with the unique experiences of others. We seek to deeply know each other so we demonstrate friendliness, generosity, and consideration. We are self-reflective so we can continually improve our work. Resilience We finish what we begin, despite obstacles. We run towards challenges and speak up for what’s right. We try even harder if we fail, seeking out new ways to solve a problem. If we make a mistake, we work to make it right. Engagement We approach challenges with excitement and energy. We know the power we have to be change agents. We lead and invigorate others. We are well prepared and enthusiastically participate. ​We put our best effort into everything we do.


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Student Check-In/Expectations