7 years ago

By Amber Knauf

Ancient Greece Vocabulary

revolt, cavalry, decree, trireme, Assembly, Acropolis, Delian League, hoplite, Parthenon, dilemma, Greek Tragedy, ostracism, polis, representative democracy

Ancient Greece People and Places

Aeschylus, Darius, Herodotus, Marathon, Persian Empire, Platea, Salamis, Themistocles, Thermopylae, Xerxes

Ancient Greece Study Guide

7 years ago

By Amber Knauf

Review your Vocabulary from each of our mini-lessons

cavalry, Herodotus, Miltiades, Sophocles, Acropolis, decree, trireme, Delian League, Parthenon, dilemma ostracism, hoplite, polis, Darius I, Xerxes, Aristides, AND all elements below

You will need to review elements of Geography and how topography impacted:

  • Trade

  • the establishment of communities

  • traveling by land versus traveling by sea

The Persian Wars:

  • Marathon-

  • Thermopylae-

  • Salamis-

  • Plataea-

Athenian Democracy:

  • The Assembly-

  • City-States and the various forms of government and why-

  • Comparing Greek Democracy to U.S.A. Democracy-

Rebuilding the Acropolis:

  • Pericles motives-

  • pantheon-

Melian Dialogue:

  • Reason behind negotiations-

  • Consequences-

Greek Drama:

  • Dionysus Festival-

  • masks and stage acting-

The Golden Age:

  • The fall-

  • The Role of Women-

  • Education-

Alexander the Great: