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Bitcoin is democratic money !
Bitcoin is decentralized. It is tied to no location or institution.

Bitcoin is secure. The blockchain is a self replicating public ledger. Millions of identical copies are spread around the Earth.

Bitcoin is fast. A transaction takes only a few minutes regardless of the amount transferred, or the locations of the sender and reciever.

Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins. This assures a future value, unlike the US dollar.
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The Bitcoin Blockchain is the heart of the new paradigm. It is a public record of every transaction that has taken place. Posting a transaction to the blockchain requires the Bitcoin network. Changes cannot be made to previous transactions. You can search the history of your coins and monitor your balance or anyone else who gives you their public key.
Market value steady at around $450 per coin
"The least interesting thing about it"
Who is buying bitcoin?
Creation of bitcoin requires mining
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