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17/18 Science

6th Grade Adv. Learning

6th Grade Band

6th Grade Content Support

6th grade math and science general information

6th Grade Media Tech

6th Grade Spanish Classroom

7th Grade Adv. Learning

7th Grade Band

7th Grade Math Mr. Barbier

7th grade math/science

7th grade science

7th Grade Science Mr. Barbier 2015-2016

7th Grade Spanish Class

7th Grade Spanish Class

8th Grade Adv. Learning


8th grade LA/SS

8th Grade Spanish Class

8th Language Arts

8th Social Studies

Barbier 7th Grade Intervention

Barbier/Weber Math and Science


Blue Avians

Center Base Classroom


chrome practice

Cindy Ruzicka's Page

Class Content

Classroom Website

Colvin Science and Math

Daily Assignments 2017-18

Depth and Complexity

English and History Turn in

English Language Arts 1

English Language Arts 2

English Learning

Fine Arts

French 6a

French 6b

French 7a

French 7b

French 8a

French 8b

Girard 15/16

GIrard 16/17

Girard 17/18 Writing

Girard 17/18 Writing

Girard Classroom Website

Google Classroom

Hall's PE Site

Handbook & Calendar

Huron LASS 2017-2018

Huron LASS 2017-2018

Huron LASS 2018-2019




Industrial Technology  6-8th


JA Denver Trip

Jones 2019-2020

Lang. Arts-Social Studies

Language Arts

Lawrence's Class

Lit Circle

Maddox Classroom

Math 8 Google Classroom

Math and Science Website

Maths Core 1 2019-2020

Maths Core 2 2019-2020

Math Skills Practice

Mr. Anderson's Classroom Page

Mr.Barbier and Mrs.Maddox Math and Science

Mr. Beurskens Website!

Mr. Bock's Class

Mr. Brabec's 8th Grade Science

Mrs. Boies -- English Language Learning

Mrs. Boies' Excellent ELs!

Mrs. Chadbourne 6th Grade Math

Mrs. Chadbourne 6th Grade Science

Mrs. Chadbourne 6th Grade Science

Mrs. Chapman-Hoy - Principal

Mrs. Erasmus - Grade 6 Website

Mrs. Gilbertson 19-20

Mrs. Haack's Webpage

Mrs. Musgrave 7th Grade

Mrs. Ohara's Website

Mrs. Ruzicka - Google Classroom - Social Studies

Mrs. Ruzicka - Google Classroom -  English Language Arts

Mrs. Sherman's 8th Grade Math/Science Class

Mrs. Sherman's Classroom Website

Mrs. Sherman's Science Google Classroom

Mrs. Sherman's Science Google Classroom

Mrs. Sherman's Science Google Classroom

Ms. Farquharson

Ms. Helm's classroom

Ms. Jo K-Sinclair's Class

Ms. Jo K-Sinclair's Class

Ms. Jo K-Sinclair's Class

Ms. Maddox and Mr. Barbier Website

Ms. Martin's Class

Ms. Martin's Class

Ms. Martin's Site

Ms. Reagon's Classroom

Ms. Reagon's Magic Tricks

Ms. Swanson

MS Tech

Ms. Webb's Intervention

Ms. Weekley 7th Grade English Language Arts/Social Studies

Ms. Weekley 7th Grade Language Arts

Ms. Welch's Class

MS Wrestling

Mulliken 8th grade math/science

Musical Theater

Performing Arts 6th Grade

Performing Arts 7th Grade

Performing Arts 8th Grade

Reader's Cup

Reading Class - Mrs. Slowey

Reading Skills Practice


Re-thinking grading


Social Studies

Social Studies

Spanish 6th Grade A

Spanish 6th Grade A

Spanish 6 Warnke

Spanish Sr. Wilson

SSMS Counseling Department


SSMS Physical Education


Staff Book Study: Re-Thinking Grading

Staff Book Study: Re-thinking Homework

Steamboat WeVideos







Weekly Lesson Plan